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Talking Maps 

Put a Talking Map on your website! 

When visitors click on the icons on your map, they'll hear fascinating stories and important messages about your points-of-interest.  The content is produced by GeoRadio's Emmy-winning entertainment veterans, who will work in collaboration with you to meet your goals.  It's a great way to introduce people to your area!
Terrific for Realtors, Historical Societies, Chambers of Commerce, and Boards of Tourism looking to draw visitors to their websites and enhance knowledge of their areas and properties.

Your points-of-interest will also join the GeoRadio network, and anyone with a GeoRadio-enabled iPhone, Blackberry, or Garmin will hear your stories when they pass through town.

Try out the demo below. 
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How do I get started?
First, send us an email
here.  We'll set you up with a map you can put on your website, with one point-of-interest:  perhaps, your organization.  From you, we'll need a paragraph or two about your organization, which our narrators will record.

What will my visitors see and hear?
When a user visits your website, they'll see a map that's centered on your organization, with an icon at your location (if that's your first point-of-interest).  When they click on that icon, they'll hear a friendly narrator talk all about your organization. 

What kind of "points of interest" should I put on my map?
Anything that might have an interesting story to tell, or might be useful to know about:  historic sites, endangered sites, landmarks, monuments, geographical features, parks, notable buildings, municipal buildings, archaelogical sites, graveyards, film shoot locations, corporate headquarters, schools, arenas, stadiums, restaurants, museums, your sponsors' locations... and your organization!

If you're a Real Estate professional, it's a terrific way to showcase your properties.

How long does it take to go "live"?
We record the POIs and send you code within three weeks of your call.  As soon as you put that code into your website, your viewers will see and hear your Talking Map.

Do I have to be a web whiz to put this on my website?
Not at all.  There are two versions, the "button" version, and the "embedded" version. 
  • if you choose the "button" version, we'll send you a button that you can drop right into your website easily using any webpage building tools.  When your viewers click on that button, a new page will appear, showing your map, and hosted on our server.
  • If you want to embed it straight into your site, we'll send you the "embedded" version, which you can position on your page as you like.  We can provide that design service for you as well.

What is Gotham Studios?
We are veteran entertainment producers, narrators, and musicians, based in Washington, DC, with studios in New York and Hollywood.  We have produced for national networks and won multiple Emmys, and our narrators have performed on television, Broadway and film.